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Tim's Pumpkin Patch is owned by Tim and Erica Leubner and their three daughters Evelyn, Claudia and Josephine.  Evelyn, Claudia and JoJo manage their own social media company the NYFarmgirls and are also employed at our family dairy and crop farm. 

Tim is also a partner with his brother and sister at his family owned dairy and grain farm business, located just up the road from the pumpkin farm.  

Erica, also grew up on dairy farm in nearby Navarino, NY and works as a Farm Business Advisor for a private consulting firm.  


How it all Started

Tim has been farming his entire life.  Here is a picture of him baling straw when he could just barely reach the pedals to drive the tractor.  

In 1986, when Tim was 15, he planted 200 pumpkin seeds.  He planted them in a big pile of dirt located on his famliy farm, somewhere out of the way of the regular crops being grown. When the pumpkins all grew, he wasn't sure what to do with them all.  His father suggested that he try to sell them, and to just charge $1.00, a price that was hard to refuse.  Every pumpkin sold.  Through word of mouth only, Tim's Pumpkin Patch became known as "the place with the $1.00 pumpkins".   


The price remained $1.00 for 20 years, a nearly impossible task given the realities of the constant rising input costs of farming.  Now in our 34th year, Tim's Pumpkin Patch grows close to 70 acres of pumpkins and squash, has a bakery, gift shop, brew barn and many, many fun farm activities for all to enjoy.  


Where to Find Us:

Tim's Pumpkin Patch

2901 Rose Hill Rd.

Marietta, NY 13110



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