U-Pick Pumpkins 

Grab one of our wheelbarrows and head out to the 40 acre pumpkin patch.  The views of Rose Hill are breathtaking and the memories you'll make trying to find the "perfect pumpkin" will last a lifetime.


Huge - $5

Large - $4

Medium - $3

Small - $2

Pumpkins We Picked

The first thing you'll notice driving into Tim's Pumpkin Patch is the huge display of thousands of already picked pumpkins.  Our staff works very hard to replenish this display on a daily basis.  If the thrill of going out into the patch isn't something you're after, then our front yard display is for you! 


Pumpkins we pick - $5

Specialty Pumpkins 

Specialty pumpkins (white, cinderalla, jarrahdale etc.) vary on price depending on size from, prices are (large) (medium)  (small)   (Giant White)


Howden Biggies are the biggest pumpkins we grow and are at least 30lbs. each


Prices Range from $15 for our Giant Whites and our specialty pumpkins are priced according to size, $10, $5, $3

Where to Find Us:

Tim's Pumpkin Patch

2901 Rose Hill Rd.

Marietta, NY 13110



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