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All About Tim's Pumpkin Patch

Tim's Pumpkin Patch continues a tradition dating back to 1986. Tim started growing pumpkins when he was 15 years old. After gaining more and more popularity he decided to move his roadside stand from Church Road- to where it resides today. He met his now wife, Erica, when he was 19 years old. Coming up on their 30th wedding anniversary, they look back at the legacy they have built together and still cannot believe that families are making magic + memories on this property 37 years later. Tim and Erica are also accompanied by their three daughters, Evelyn (24), Claudia (21) and Jojo (18) which all take part in the pumpkin patch. It has been a privilege to welcome visitors to the farm and we are honored to be a part of your family traditions.

We strive to operate our traditional Pumpkin Patch honorably and with the utmost respect to provide our customers with an amazing experience, every time. Whether you want to purchase farm fresh products or experience the fall nature in the finger lakes at its best, we look forward to serving you.

Things to Do 

Most of our activities are available 7 days a week. Some activities are only available on weekends such as tractor-wagon rides and the apple cannons. Admission to enjoy our farm is $4/person during the week and $6/person $5/kid (16 and under) on the weekends. You do not need to pay admission if you are only visiting the bakery or purchasing from the pumpkins we picked. You will need admission wristband if you plan to venture off into the patch and all other areas of our farm. 

When our activities are available:

Wagon Rides:  Weekends Only

Apple Cannons: Weekends Only 

Animal Barn:  Everyday

Corn Maze: Everyday 

Pumpkin Patch: Everyday

Apple Fritters & Funnel Cakes: Everyday

Bakery: Everyday

Hay Fort: Everyday 

Corn Play Bin: Everyday 

Squash Barn: Everyday

Crazy Maze: Everyday 

Farm Basketball: Everyday

Giant Skee-ball Machine: Everyday

Fossil Dig: Everyday 

Candied Nuts and Food Shacks: Weekend Only 

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